Flat garbage plastic bag


Oxo or D2W and other additives available

Size: (can be customized): 15-100cm x 15-1200cm

Thickness available: min 10 mic

Color: Clear or colored


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A flat garbage plastic bag typically refers to a type of plastic bag designed for containing and disposing of garbage or waste materials. These bags allow for easy storage and distribution before they are used. When needed, they can be opened up and expanded to their full capacity to hold garbage or waste items.

Our Garbage Plastic Bags are sold in a number of sizes at many stores. Varying thicknesses are commonly manufactured – thicker bags are used for heavy-duty applications such as construction waste, or in order to be able to withstand being compacted during recycling processes.

To choose safe and quality Garbage Plastic Bags, contact A&C PLASTICS – one of the leading packaging suppliers in Vietnam.

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