Starseal garbage on roll

Size: Custom

Thickness: 8-100micron

Material: HDPE/LDPE/MDPE/Biodegradable

Color: Custom, mostly likely black

Price: from 1USD-1.2USD/kg

MOQ: 1ton

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Starseal garbage bag on roll is a kind of cheap, convenient types of garbage bags.

The term “starseal” refers to a specific type of seal or closure on garbage bags. starseal garbage bag on roll are trash bags that feature a particular seal design that enhances their functionality and strength.

A starseal is a seal at the bottom of the garbage bag that is shaped like a star when the bag is laid flat. It is created by folding the bottom edges of the bag inward and then sealing them together, forming multiple points or corners that resemble a star shape.

The starseal design offers several advantages over other types of bag seals:

  • Leak resistance: The multiple points of the starseal provide extra layers of protection against leaks and spills, minimizing the risk of liquid waste seeping out of the bag.
  • Even weight distribution: The star-shaped seal helps distribute the weight of the garbage more evenly across the bottom of the bag. This helps prevent the bag from tearing or breaking under heavy loads.
  • Increased capacity: The starseal design allows the garbage bag to expand and accommodate more waste without compromising its integrity. This feature is particularly useful when dealing with bulky or irregularly shaped items.
  • Easy closure: The starseal creates multiple points that can be tied or knotted together, providing a secure closure for the bag and preventing odors and pests from escaping.

Starseal garbage bags on a roll offer a practical and efficient solution for waste disposal, combining strength, leak resistance, and convenience. They are commonly used in households, commercial establishments, and other settings where reliable garbage bags are required.

AC plastic is a leading starseal garbage bag on roll factory in Vietnam. Our capacity is 800tons per month

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