Flat bag on roll

Name: Produce bags on roll/ Flat bags on roll

Color: Customized

Material: HDPE/LDPE/MDPE/Biodegradable

Size: Customized (small/medium/large/x-large)

Thickness: 8-200 microns

Price: from 1.3USD-1.5USD/kg

MOQ: 1ton

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A produce bag on a roll refers to a specific type of plastic bag primarily used for packaging and carrying fruits, vegetables, and other fresh produce.  These bags are designed to provide a convenient and hygienic solution for customers to select and transport their produce items.

The flat bags on roll are crafted from high-quality materials, such as polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP), ensuring durability and strength. Produce bags on rolls offer convenience, hygiene, and protection for fresh produce, making them an essential tool in the food retail and storage industry. They help maintain the quality, extend the shelf life, and ensure the safe handling of fruits and vegetables from farm to table. These bags serve several purposes in various settings:

  1. Grocery Stores and Supermarkets: Produce bags on rolls are commonly used in grocery stores and supermarkets to provide customers with a hygienic and convenient way to package their produce items. Customers can use these bags to select and separate different types of fruits and vegetables while shopping.
  2. Farmer’s Markets: In farmer’s markets or local produce markets, vendors often use produce bags on rolls to package and sell their fresh fruits and vegetables. These bags help protect the product from damage, maintain its freshness, and allow customers to easily carry their purchases.
  3. Food Storage: Produce bags on rolls can also be used for storing fruits and vegetables at home. The bags help keep the produce fresh by providing a protective barrier against moisture and external contaminants.
  4. Food Service Industry: Restaurants, supermarkets, cafes, and catering services may utilize produce bags on rolls for portioning, organizing, or storing prepared fruits and vegetables. These bags help maintain the quality and freshness of the product before it is used for cooking or serving.
  5. Household and Personal Use: Some individuals may also use produce bags on rolls for personal purposes, such as storing or organizing fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator, packing snacks for travel, or keeping produce fresh during picnics or outdoor activities.

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