Biodegradable Bags with addictive friendly with environment

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Biodegradable Bags with addictive friendly with environment

There are 2 groups of biodegradable bags:

  1. Biodegradable bags with 1-2% bio-degradable additives:

The biodegradable additives such as D2W, EPI, P-life, Biocom, Reverte, Oxium will be mixed with HDPE/ LDPE materials to make bags. After a certain time, the bags will be decomposed and turned into environmentally friendly substances.

All kinds of plastic bags like t shirt plastic bags, die cut plastic bags, bags on roll… can be used with the biodegradable additives

Degradable time: 6 months – 2 years

Pros: general purpose, easy to manufacture; cheap price; good production time and capacity.

2. Compostable bags/ 100% biodegradable bags:

The biodegradable bags are made from 100% natural powdered cellulose as corn, tapioca, wheat.

Degradable time: 3-6 months.

Using the 100% biodegradable bags is regarded as an environmental-friendly solution. However, not only does it take much cost to produce but it also gets only a half capacity of plastic bag. Besides, raw material cost is very high, about 2800-4500 usd/ton and price of completed bags is about 3500-6000 usd/ton.

To conclude, it will be up to you to choose which solutions suit you and your company objectives most. We will provide the bags which fit with your requirements.
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