100% recycled t-shirt bag

Color:  Customized

Material: 100% recycled HDPE/LDPE

Size: Customized (small/medium/large/x-large)

Thickness: 20- 500 microns

Price: from 1USD-1.2USD/kg

MOQ: 1ton


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A&C Plastic is always proud to offer our line of 100% recycled t-shirt bags, providing an eco-friendly packaging solution that combines functionality and sustainability. These bags are made entirely from recycled materials, reducing the environmental impact associated with traditional plastic bags.

Key features of our 100% recycled t-shirt bags include:

  1. Sustainable sourcing: Our bags are manufactured using post-consumer recycled materials, such as plastic bottles or other recycled plastics. By utilizing these materials, we help divert waste from landfills and reduce the consumption of virgin resources.
  2. Eco-conscious design: The design of our t-shirt bags prioritizes environmental sustainability. We have incorporated features like reinforced handles and durable construction to ensure longevity and reusability, minimizing single-use plastic waste.
  3. Versatile usage: Our recycled t-shirt bags are suitable for a wide range of applications, including retail stores, grocery shopping, trade shows, and more. They provide a reliable and eco-friendly alternative for packaging and carrying various items.
  4. Promoting your eco-friendly brand: By using our 100% recycled t-shirt bags, you align your brand with sustainable practices and demonstrate your commitment to environmental responsibility. These bags can be customized with your logo or branding, allowing you to promote your eco-friendly values to your customers.
  5. Contribution to circular economy: By choosing our 100% recycled t-shirt bags, you actively participate in the circular economy. These bags can be recycled after use, further reducing waste and closing the recycling loop.

When considering 100% recycled t- shirt bag for your packaging requirements, A&C PLASTICS is the trusted choice. Experience the convenience and quality of our products by contacting us today:

Email: info@acplasticjsc.com

Tel/WhatsApp: +84 377 715 931

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