You are a wholesaler in your market, you are looking for a reliable supplier and that they are directory factory of plastic bags to give you the best price and best quality ?

Please let us help you, As We are A&C Plastics., JSC is a trusted plastic bag manufacturer with factories located in Hanoi and Bac Ninh, Vietnam since 1995. With over 20 years experiences in manufacturing HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE plastic bags. Our main products are T-shirt plastic bag, Die cut bag, Flat bag, Garbage bag, Plastic bag on roll, block, with the production capacity is about 600 tons/month. We are guaranteed that always use 100% virgin raw material to make the best quality bags: strong, smooth, no loosing color , no ink smearing.

Come to A&C Plastics bag factory in Vietnam , you will have perfect experiences and getting plastic bags highest quality, cheapest price and delivery on time. We are always try our best to serve all of you and hope to have developing your market as well.

Sending your required specification bags to us, pictures and let us quote the best price, take care of you by all our heart . Thank you !

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